Microsoft Teams & SharePoint Governance

Microsoft Teams & SharePoint Governance

You can reduce the IT workload for the maintenance of your Microsoft Teams and SharePoint Platform up to 95%.

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Power your Microsoft 365 platform

Some of our new features

Microsoft Teams and SharePoint templating

Easily create Microsoft Teams and SharePoint templates and provision workspaces based on predefined templates.

Security and Compliance

Define Microsoft Teams room owners without giving them site collection admin rights and manage external users with membership expiration.

Governance processes

Define who can see the workspaces and who can create them. You can also design your own approval processes.

Mobile-Ready User Dashboard integrated in Microsoft Teams

Teams Center is directly integrated into the Microsoft Teams client and gives you the opportunity to access it directly.

Search center

Search for existing workspaces throughout your organization and filter them by metadata. It helps managers to get a quick overview of existing workspaces.


With the advanced archiving mechanism, you can securely archive your Teams data.

Workspace metadata

Define template-specific metadata for automatic document tagging. You can trigger business workflows based on workspace metadata.

Integration with other systems

Teams Center is the central integration point of your Microsoft Teams and SharePoint platforms. You can integrate i.e. Dynamics 365 with Teams Center.

Teams Center

Teams Center is the balance between control and freedom in Microsoft 365

Reduce costs, accelerate the rollout of your Microsoft teams and minimize the IT workload for maintaining Microsoft teams and SharePoint platforms by up to 95%.

  • Automate the IT governance and compliance processes
  • Give your users the freedom they need without compromising IT governance and compliance
  • Standardize your Microsoft Teams and SharePoint rooms
  • Automate your maintanence processes for Microsoft Teams and SharePoint
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Microsoft Standard vs. Teams Center

Feature Comparison

FeatureMicrosoft StandardTeams Center
Templates for Microsoft Teams rooms 1
Templates for SharePoint sites
Template versioning
Upgrading beetween template versions
Bulk upgrade for a specific template type
Url and naming conventions
Approval processes before creating Microsoft Teams and SharePoint rooms
Microsoft Teams room owner is not a site collection administrator
Provisioning of retention and sensitivity labels with templates
Template visibility by active directory groups
Search dashboard
Enhanced archiving
Auto-Tagging of documents
Additional metadata

1 With the Microsoft standard feature, you have to manually configure your Teams rooms after provisioning. The Teams Center solution takes over this process for you and configures the Teams rooms automatically.

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